What is the 3inity Fitbox?

The 3inity Fitbox looks like a Chess or Ottoman. This one-of-a-kind piece of equipment can be decorated to your personal taste and style. There are 3 versions of this product. When completely closed, I call it "ODD-0-CHESS


How is this product different?

The fun and interesting part is when you open up both flaps, it transforms into a one-of-a-kind multifunctional fitness piece of equipment with storage space. When this beautiful unit is transforms and fully opened it is the 3inity Fitbox. The new face of fitness will transform your home, condo, backyard, or even park.

When horizontal, the 3inity Fitbox works with lying chest exercises with dumbbells, resistance bands, plyometric single and double leg box jumps, step ups, front and side lunges, lateral explosive movements, & any workout you can do on a flat bench.

When vertical, you can do a 36inch box jump.

Are you excited yet?

Here comes the transformation. With the lower flap opened, we have 6 - O rings for resistant bands attachment. This aids in legs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats and pees. In short, full body, upper and lower body exercises with resistance bands as your weights. Finally, the top flap opens up and can be used for seated dumbbell exercises, you can remove the chain from a seated position you can adjust the upper flap with an attachment (accessory) underneath the top flap for back support which adds a decline chest press.

That is not all

There is a pole shaft on the center of the 3inity Fitbox with 2 adjustable sliding O rings for leg extension with resistance bands attachment.

All 3 versions of the 3inity Fitbox are alike in function except the unique outdoor version.

This outdoor 3inity Fitbox has mesh on the inside of the box so once in a vertical position it is used as a catching tool. The top flap open into 3 separate individual flaps. The center flap opens as a 12 by 20-inch target. As a sports nut you can pitch into a box and do baseball drills by pitch selection. That's a lot but one more activity can be done when the 3inity Fitbox is in the horizontal position. Yes, our national sport and not Lacrosse it's Hockey shooting drills with a puck or ball into a mesh inside the 3inity Fitbox.

It does not stop there

Add 3 more accessories for the 3inity Fitbox which adds to your workout.

Check them all out and our product within 3inity Fitbox website and our Coaching/Training/Sports/Fitness and Wellness services under Clive's Fitness International Team

C.F.l.T. Be Fit"

Owner and Inventor Clive Fray